"Barring the Bahais"

Faraz Sanei, Researcher in der Middle East & North Africa Division von Human Rights Watch, gibt einen Einblick in die aktuellen Verhaftungen von jungen iranischen Bahá’í, die sich friedlich für das Recht auf Bildung einsetzten.

Late on the evening of March 2, members of the Iranian intelligence ministry entered Navid Khanjani’s home in the city of Esfahan and arrested him. The next day, they conducted similar raids at the homes of Eeghan Shahidi, Sama Nourani, Hesam Misaghi and Sepehr Atefi.
Khanjani and the others in 2009 helped found a civil society organisation, the Population to Combat Educational Discrimination, to bring attention to the problems of the Bahais and other students denied access to university education because of their religious and political beliefs.

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