"The Islamist regime wants to eliminate the peaceful community from the annals of Persia's history"

Dr. Wahied Wahdat-Hagh, Senior Fellow der European Foundation for Democracy in Brüssel, stellt in der Printausgabe des Wall Street Journal Europe die Hintergründe der Verfolgungen der Bahá’í im Iran dar.

The treatment of the Bahai by the current clerical government in Iran is more sinister and complex than a basic lack of religious tolerance: It is an organized, and systematic, and well-documented repression aimed at eliminating the community from the annals of Iranian history.

In diesem Zusammenhang führt er die zahlreichen Dokumente aus der iranischen Regierung an, deren Existenz gegenüber der internationalen Staatengemeinschaft stets geleugnet werden. Indes beziehen sie sich wechselseitig aufeinander – und bestätigen sich dadurch. Auch führt Dr. Wahdat-Hagh die verschiedenen Verschwörungstheorien an, die im Iran um die Bahá’í kursieren.

Iran justifies its systematic persecution of the Bahai through a series of conspiracy theories that recall familiar anti-Semitic themes and are fuelled by the Bahai having chosen Israel for their spiritual and administrative base. The Bahai have been accused of being foreign agents for the Mossad, the KGB, the CIA and MI6 to name but a few. They are held responsible for most immoral behavior in Iran—most notably prostitution and adultery which are capital offences punishable by stoning. And the economic crisis? That’s their fault too.