FIDH expresses its fear for the mental and physical integrity of Ms. Vaseghi

Die in Paris ansässige International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) lenkt den Blick auf den Fall der Bahá’í Rozita Vaseghi, die seit vier Monaten in Isolationshaft festgehalten wird. Ihr geht es psychisch und physisch derart schlecht, dass FIDH die iranische Regierung dringend auffordert, Leib und Leben von Frau Vaseghi zu garantieren. Lesen Sie hier die Presseerklärung im Wortlaut:

Paris, 29th July, 2010 – The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) expresses its deep concern regarding the ongoing repression and intimidation against members of the Baha’i religious minority, victim of harsh persecution in the Islamic Republic of Iran. FIDH calls upon international intervention in the case of Ms Rozita Vaseghi, whose situation is considered to be very serious.

According to the information received, Ms. Rozita Vaseghi, in her 40s, has been held in solitary confinement for the last four months, since the date of her arrest, at the detention centre of the Ministry of Intelligence. She was arrested on 15 March 2010, by Security Officers at her residence in Mashhad. Three other members of Baha’i (Mr. Afshin Nikayin, Mr. Shahab Atefi and Ms. Nahid Ghadiri) were arrested on the same day and taken into custody. Two of them (Mr. Afshin Nikayin, Mr. Shahab Atefi) were released on bail on 20 March, but Ms. Vaseghi and Ms. Nahid Ghadiri remained in prison. Her family posted a collateral of 50 million tumans for her release on bail, but Ms. Vaseghi was not released.
FIDH recalls that both women had been among the nine Bahá’ís in Mashhad who had faced trial in October 2009. They had been sentenced to five years of imprisonment at that time and had appealed the verdict. Ms. Vaseghi was charged with teaching against the regime, taking action against national security and illegal dissemination of CDs, teaching the Bahá’í Faith, and insulting religious sanctities. At a recent appeal court hearing (date unknown), sentences were issued. The appeals court confirmed the original sentence of five years of imprisonment for five of them, including Ms.Vaseghi.
FIDH expresses its fear for the mental and physical integrity of Ms. Vaseghi as her prison conditions are reportedly so appalling that her health has suffered significantly and she is in an extremely weakened state. Her mother has been able to see her once, for 10 minutes. Ms. Vaseghi has lost a lot of weight and was shivering, despite the heat in the prison room. She said that she had a lot of pain in her hands and feet. In addition, FIDH notes the statement of Iranian prison officials that Ms. Vaseghi is no longer in the prison but detained by the Ministry of Information, and in solitary confinement for 4 months, are deprived of any legal basis as her interrogation is finished and she has already been convicted by a court.
FIDH calls upon the Iranian authorities to guarantee the physical and mental integrity of Ms. Vaseghi as well as of all other Baha’i members currently detained. The Islamic Republic of Iran should put immediately an end to the violent harassment and the harsh repression against members of the Baha’i faith and respect fully the provisions of the International Covenant on civil and political rights that the current regime so blatantly violates.

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