EU-Außenbeauftragte verurteilt Wiedereinsetzung der zwanzigjährigen Haftstrafe gegen Bahá'í

Die EU-Außenbeauftrage, Lady Ashton, hat heute eine Stellungnahme zur wiederholten Aburteilung der sieben ehemals führenden Mitglieder der iranischen Bahá’í-Gemeinde veröffentlicht, die wir hier im Wortlaut wiedergeben:

„I am disturbed by recent information that the original 20-year prison sentences against seven former Bahá’í leaders may have been reinstated. This comes just six months after Iran’s appeal court decided to reduce their sentences to 10 years. I call on the Iranian authorities to clarify the legal situation of the seven individuals concerned. They and their lawyers should be given the requisite access to all relevant documentation regarding their cases.
In line with its previous Declarations of 12 January and 12 August 2010 on the trial and sentencing of the seven former Bahá’í leaders, the EU recalls that freedom of thought, conscience and religion are fundamental rights which must be guaranteed under all circumstances according to article 18 of the ICCPR which the Islamic Republic of Iran has acceded to.
I therefore call on the Iranian authorities to immediately release the seven Bahá’í leaders, whose sentencing appears to be motivated by their belonging to a minority faith, and to put an end to the persecution of religious minorities in Iran.“

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