Amnesty International zur Bürgerrechtscharta

Unter dem Titel „Iran: Charter of Citizens’ Rights must enshrine human rights for all“ hat Amnesty International eine Stellungnahme (Englisch) zum Entwurf der Bürgerrechtscharta des iranischen Präsidenten Rohani veröffentlicht. Im Abschnitt über das Gebot der Nicht-Diskriminierung heißt es:

In a positive development, Article 3.101 of the draft Charter explicitly provides for women’s access to higher education without any discrimination. However, the draft Charter fails to challenge the deeply rooted discrimination in Iranian laws against women and religious minorities by its repeated references to existing legislation. For instance, Article 3.62 prohibits discrimination regarding the right to work only when it is based on “illegal motives and reasons”. Article 3.99 of the draft Charter asserts that the government must respect women’s rights, but limits this obligation by adding the phrase “in accordance with the existing legislation”, which includes discriminatory provisions with respect to, among other matters, marriage, divorce, inheritance, child custody, and weight of testimony.
In addition, the draft Charter continues to allow for discrimination against members of the Baha’i religious faith as it does not provide any safeguards for religious minorities that are not recognized under the Constitution. According to Article 13 of Iran’s Constitution the only recognized religious minorities are Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians.

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